Social Fund Project in CHARGE syndrome e.V.

The CHARGE syndrome is a rare genetic disorder, about 75 children per year are born in Germany. Among the complex disabilities of these children include a general developmental delay, inter alia, hearing and to Seheinschränkungen deaf, blindness, heart defects, abnormalities of the trachea and esophagus, as well as numerous anomalies, often over the years with many months of hospital stays connected. Despite these limitations, children with CHARGE syndrome remarkably cheerful and ebenstüchtig. Many develop skills with which nobody would have ever expected. These experiences to share, is for parents is crucial. The CHARGE Syndrome Association therefore has the task of parents of affected children in contact with, and an intense exchange. “As a good 3 years before our son was born, we were quite alone. There was no point at which we were able to have contact, no opportunity to work with other parents to talk to. That was our motivation to start a club, “says Claudia Junghans, 1 Chairman of the CHARGE Syndrome Association, the inflow is large. Many parents, both newborn and older CHARGE children, looking for the contact, the Council and find solace and learn from unexpected perspectives for themselves and their child. One of the highlights is the annual Association meeting, to the families for several days to come together and not only of expert talks will benefit, but also from the personal encounter with other stakeholders CHARGE. So far, however, was not all families a club membership and participation in the meeting possible, because some – not least because of the disability of their child – do not have the necessary financial resources. But thanks to the help of Dr. Schmidt & friends, was now a social fund, with the cost for needy families over. “We are very pleased,” says Claudia Junghans, “because we can, for example, single parents, the unemployed and Hartz IV recipients to help them in any serious situation in our community new courage and strength to create.”


Project South Africa

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have been visiting South Africa during many years for business contacts, which is a country that I love and appreciate a lot. I am supporting at present 3 projects in South Africa, and each one of them is directed to help the poor children in that country in different ways:

1. ARK Absolut Return for Kids
2. khethImpilo
3. Orphan House Baphumelele

In one of my stays in Cape Town, I got to know about: “ARK – Absolute Return for Kids” and “khethImpilo” and since that VetVital has been supporting these organizations.

One of the focus of these organizations is to promote children´s education of South African. The children will only be able to have a “normal” life in the future through education. With your help, we have succeeded until now, the children of various ages from three newly-formed school with school uniforms.

VetVital has helped an Orphan House called Baphumelele, during Christmas time, by giving a unique Christmas tree and gifts, many soccer balls for the children. The children loved the tree and the gifts so much, that it was an unforgettable Christmas for them.

Some of you would perhaps ask yourselves why children from South Africa should be supported rather than the Homeless people in Germany. Any form of support is obviously desirable and absolutely essential, but the benefit in poorer countries has much more impact.

You could also be part of these brilliant projects, by making your contribution. The organization is under the Webs and There you will be able to find e.g. Information about the projects of ARK and “khethImpilo”. With the same donations we can clearly achieve “much more” results.

So, do not hesitate to give a help to them!
We are at your disposal for any further questions.
Or you can donate under the keyword “Dr. Schmidt & Friends “directly to the account of the khethImpilo-organization.

In addition to that, you and your family have the chance to sponsor a child to help permanently. Perhaps your child is interested to have a pen friendship with a South African child. They would be happy to personally contact with your children.

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Winfried Schmidt
CEO VetVital Ltd.