Aid for earthquake victims in Nepal

The heavy earthquake on 04/25/2015 in Nepal has motivated VetVital & friends to make a donation for the earthquake victims to the Sushma Koirala Memorial Hospital (SKMH) in Sankhu/ Kathmandu, Nepal.

The money benefits locally to people in need. But the misery is not yet defeated even after more than half a year. Therefore VetVital & friends has made again (in December) a direct donation to the SKM -Hospital!

The hospital was founded in 1996 as a medical aid project for plastic surgery of the charity Interplant Germany e. V. in cooperation with nepalese partner Sushma Koirala Memorial Trust and put into operation in 1997. In the SKM hospital mainly poor people are medically treated for free. In addition to this task, they help through education and training of nepalese doctors and nurses to improve the medical standard in Nepal.

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