Help for children

This is the motto of the cooperation with the Institute for childpain therapy of the Vestischen children and youth clinic in Datteln.
In 2009 „VetVital and Friends“ could allow the acquisition of a high modern biofeedback device incl. Software.

Using this innovative technology, affected children can learn to cope with chronic pain by autogenous techniques and integrate them into their daily lives.

The impulse for this donation was given by Mrs Thekla Vennebusch, when she spoke about her 7-year-old daughter, who suffered a long time under unimaginable pain before she was helped in Datteln. She reported of children who suffer from migraines since childhood, have the strongest nerve pain in the limbs, can`t go to school for years or can`t participate in social life due to nonspecific colic.

And nobody could really help.

But the Children`s Hospital in Datteln assumes to these children and finds solutions.

It is the first and only institution at all, which is dedicated to pediatric pain therapy and thus not only is a huge help for affected children and their families, but also a model for surgeons and clinics throughout Germany.

VetVital and Friends keep it useful to support this pioneering work and thank you, that you make this possible with the successful use of the VetVital products.

In March 2011, another project with the Children and Youth Clinic in Datteln was implemented.
A new computer and the matching computer desk was needed.
Particularly urgent was the purchase of a special infrared camera system. With this, the patient can be specifically observed during their sleep.
In retrospect is vividly documented that the specified immobility of limbs is psychosomatic and not somatic origin.

After this initial finding, the work of the psychologists can start useful.
Again, “VetVital & friends”could afford the complete support for all necessary means.