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By long-standing business contacts with South Africa is the land of “VetVital & friends” particularly dear. Currently “VetVital & friends” supports projects of the VSA. The Village Scribe Association (VSA) is a local non-governmental organization (NGO) in Grahamstown, South Africa, which works with underprivileged, public schools in order to promote computer literacy in schools. To this end, the social eLearning platform in 2010 “awarenet” was developed. This program is specifically tailored to the needs of students and teachers in Joza Township in Grahamstown.





“awarenet” is an eLearning platform and a social media tool that offers the students a personal and protected space to try out the digital network and to gain initial experience in blogging, discussion and in the online project work. The children learn to present themselves, to network, to communicate, upload images,create presentations and video editing. The coordinators of VSA and coaches visit their classes every week and work with them on various projects on topics such as health, sports, music, history and social commitment. (…) The platform has been designed so that even schools can use awarenet in rural areas with unstable power supply and poor Internet because it also works offline. awarenet is an open source program and can be integrated in every school and in every afternoon program at schools. Because no costs come to the participating schools, awarenet provides many opportunities for students, teachers and other NGOs in the education sector.
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Kim and Larissa, two German volunteers on the South African German Network (SAGE Net) are currently in South Africa. The two remain at least one year. They support the coordinators help teaching and developing the students` own projects.
In their current News Blog learn more about the current projects:

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