Bright children’s eyes in Momella!

Also in 2014 “VetVital & friends” was able to bring many children’s eyes sparkle with joy! (Thanks to your support by buying the VetVital products)
In collaboration with the small animal clinic “Tiergesundheitszentrum Grußendorf in Bramsche” and the “Momella Förderverein e.V.” “VetVital & friends” are making an important contribution to help themselves in Tanzania. Momella is a small community in Tanzania, East Africa. With the “Momella Förderverein e.V.” children of this rural region are helped to a primary education. With the aim to support not only the schools themselves but also the whole environment, especially local artisans are commissioned and funded as well as the trading site. The “VetVital & friends” is particularly pleased that the donations (thanks to the volunteer association structure of “Momella Förderverein e.V.”) arrive to 99.6% directly in schools in Tanzania.

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